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  • What currency does Third Finger Ink use in the checkout?
    All products and shipping is in Australian currency. Please use our currency converter on the home page if you are using a different currency to determine the equivalent amount.
  • Why doesn't Third Finger Ink use Paypal or Crypto Currencies as a payment option?
    Paypal felt that it had the right to ban it's customers who had been fact-checked by dystopian fact checking organisations. We do not agree that a corporation or government for that matter have the right to enforce such extreme measures of tyranny and abuse of civil liberties. Crypto currency is not used by us due the instability and fluctuations of value. As a digital currency it is more susceptible to hacks and cyber security issues. We do accept precious metal bullion as payment though.
  • I want the T-Shirt but with one of your other designs on it?
    Not a problem. Leave a detailed note at checkout for us outlining the product you want, eg: 'Rise: Sweatshirt' with the name of the design you prefer eg: 'Replace design with Game Over please'. Or eg: Please 're-size as shown on front of "Flip It". Once your order goes through, we will not be able to change it and there are no refunds or exchanges for this situation. see our Refunds and Exchange Policies.
  • Can I request that a design be bigger, smaller or placed in a different position on my product?
    You sure can. But please note the measurements on size adjustments will not be exact. It is best if you give an indication using an existing print product we show in the store. Just leave us a detailed note in checkout. eg: Please 're-size as shown on front of "Flip It". This applies also if you want to have the design placed on the back instead of the front..
  • Can the font type or font colour be changed?
    Yes, only if we have the requested font in our programs. Email us first and we'll go from there.
  • Can TFI stock my designs that I provide at my request?
    Yes, for a fee of $50AU we will assist you in getting your design onto our products and into the store. This applies to a full design, including imagery description concept, not just a saying/text. Email us with your idea and we will send you our design agreement/copyright clause outlining image DPI requirements, formats and information on copyright licence restrictions and terms and conditions. See Q7 for more information.
  • Will TFI print offensive language or images on a product for me?
    The short answer is no, although what is deemed 'offensive' is all about perception. Our request to our printers will likely be refused and there are more creative ways to get the same message across. Plus we'd like to have longevity and stay off the liability radar due to draconian legislation and censorship laws.
  • I don't like the colours used on the design.
    Designs often have anywhere from 30-100+ layers, so if you would like the design in a totally different colour (apart from a normal B&W reversal), we would need to start from scratch in most cases. Full design colour overhaul attracts a fee of $30AU, if we agree to do so. Email us to discuss your needs.
  • Can I have my own created design on the TFI website for sale?
    Yes, if we love it and think our customers will too, then we may enter a 3 month agreement with you to feature your design on one of our products and you will receive a percentage of the profits for the timeline of the agreement. This applies to a full design, including imagery description concept, not just a saying/text. Email us to discuss the design requirements (see Q4 for more information and set-up fee), copyright and agreement details.
  • Are TFI designs copyrighted?
    Yes. Our designs cannot be used on any other product for sale, used for financial gain or reprinted on any product such as t-shirts, and other wearable clothing. Use of designs on social media or on a website must be attributed to Third Finger Ink.
  • Why are there differences in the price for similar products?
    Sizes: For larger sizes, the manufacturing cost goes up with each size over 2XL, due to extra fabric used in the production of the product. Size availability: Not all products offer sizes over 2XL. If the product suppliers offer 3XL - 5XL then we offer those sizes generally. Product: Eco, Organic and Premium ranges cost more at the suppliers end. Gender products: We keep women's and men's at the same price - we don't discriminate re gender pricing. Double Printing: We are charged for back and front prints, hence why there is an additional $10 fee on double print products, including front and back prints and/or extra prints on the back collar or sleeve.
  • Does Third Finger Ink use AI for their designs?
    Absolutely not. It's a lazy and uncreative process. We create the designs from scratch. Some minimal base images and graphics may be AI generated by original graphics creators, but we use multiple layers ranging from 30-100+ images/graphics/text/illustrations to create our designs and therefore we put the work in without relying on 'artificial' creativity for the full and completed image. AI is 'artificial' intelligence and therefore unable to create underlying/read between the lines or multilayered meaning, it lacks dry humour, emotion and most importantly, wit. Any retailer who is using AI exclusively for their designs should be giving you a hefty discount as it cheap, instantaneous and they virtually spend no time on creating anything. If you are a creator yourself, know that any full product/artwork you create completely with AI, is copyright owned by AI.
  • Where can I find your Exchanges & Returns Information?
    Please see our Exchange & Return Policies page via the tabs at the top of the website.
  • Can I get a refund if I order directly through the shop but actually wanted an adjustment to the design/product?
    The short answer is NO. Our shop is AUTOMATED, therefore if you want a design on a different product to what is offered in the shop or a design colour reversal (black to white option) or a re-sizing of the design, then you must email us so we can manually make these adjustments to your order. Refunds and exchanges will not be given for a customers mistaken order as we are charged for your order by our suppliers as soon as the order is received by them via the automated ordering system.
  • How long does it take to receive my order?
    Usually you will receive your order within 4-10 days on average. Your order can take up to 28 days if it comes from one of our overseas suppliers. Busy periods such as Christmas can see delays across the globe. Order early to minimise disappointment. Lockdowns saw lengthy delays, sometimes up to 3 -4 months for delivery of parcels. Keep this in mind if lockdowns were to occur again in the future.
  • How much is shipping within Australia?
    A flat fee of $15AU per order for 1-5 bulky items (Tees, Sweatshirts or Hoodies). If you are ordering bulk - orders over 5 items in one order, add $3 for each additional item.
  • How much is Shipping in New Zealand, the US, Canada and the UK?
    A flat fee of $15US ($22AU) per order for 1-5 bulky items (Tees, Sweatshirts or Hoodies). If you are ordering bulk - orders over 5 items in one order, add $3US for each additional item.
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